Hypermobility Syndrome, AKA Joint Hypermobility Syndrome (JHS), Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Hypermobility Type (EDS-HT), Hypermobility Spectrum Disorders (HSD)

February 03, 2016

Link: Hypermobility Syndrome For Physiotherapy Professionals

Two excellent articles for physiotherapy professionals on hypermobility syndrome and how to manage patients who have this condition are here:

Hypermobility Syndrome Part-1

Hypermobility Syndrome Part-2 

(Written by Health Williams)

If you are unable to view both the links open in your browser (asking you to create and account in order to view a second article), try opening the links in two different browsers.

The second article enumerates a very extensive list of exercises and approaches for different joints and body parts depending on the problems the patient faces.