How did you get diagnosed?

My story starts with leg pains in my childhood. I was diagnosed in my late thirties when I was living in an European country.

What does a life spent with undiagnosed EDS look like? Read a very touching story here. Since I am in my forties, half of my life is like that story. Perhaps the remaining couple of decades will be physically as bad, but psychologically better, because I know what I am fighting.

Reading the stories of scores of bloggers who have been diagnosed with hypermobility syndrome, one comes across the same things over and over - what a relief it was for them to receive a diagnosis.

JHS/H-EDS cannot be "cured", but it makes a world of difference to people who have it because they spend their life being doubted for making it up, or malingering, or having it "all in their heads", or being just plain lazy.

How were you diagnosed?

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